Calls to go “beyond GDP” have prompted many countries to put people’s well-being, inclusiveness, and sustainability at the centre of public policy. In particular, Asia, South-East Asia and Korea have achieved remarkable economic progress over the last half a century. Despite these achievements, key challenges, including demographic changes, inequalities in social development and opportunities, and environmental degradation, remain. In this context OECD WISE and KOSTAT are organising an international conference on “Measuring wellbeing beyond GDP in Asia” on 19-20 September 2023. The conference, which will be held in Seoul Korea, will bring together key players from the region. It will discuss international, national and regional wellbeing initiatives. The Conference will offer an opportunity to discuss multidimensional approaches to measuring the outcomes that matter to people, focusing on the Asian context and also address the highly interconnected challenges that the Asian countries are facing.

You can download the key issue papers below, which include discussion points from each session of the conference.

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  • Date date 19-20 September 2023
  • Venue Venue Grand Walkerhill Seoul,
    Walker Hall
  • Host
    Statistics Korea
    OECD WISE Centre
  • Programme Programme Overview
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Please click on the button below and fill out the required information. Pre-registration will be open until 14 September 2023 and on-site registration will be available from the morning of 19 September. Please note that lunch will be provided only for pre-registered participants. For any further inquiries or questions, please kindly contact the KOSTAT-OECD WISE Conference Secretariat (kostat.oecdwise@gmail.com).

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Grand Walkerhill Seoul, Walker Hall
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